Don’t Get Frosted By Ignoring A Weak Battery

dead battery
dead battery

A good battery can turn bad overnight, especially in severe weather descending on Canada at the beginning of 2021.

Most automobile batteries are maintenance-free. That is, you do not check fluid levels or add fluid.

“If a battery cap is designed for opening, you can do it without much effort,” says Randy Hart of Superior Battery Manufacturing. “Forcing or prying these caps open may destroy or permanently damage the battery.”

BCI suggest following these battery guidelines:

  • Ask your service advisor to check battery fluid to prevent loss of charge.
  • Have your vehicle’s charging system checked at the same time you are servicing the battery.
  • “Maintenance free” batteries do not require adding fluid.
  • “Maintenance accessible” batteries may require adding water. If needed, use distilled water. Tap water can change the electrolyte composition.
  • Remove crust on your battery terminals to prevent loss of charge.
  • Get the vehicle battery checked regularly and before traveling. All batteries eventually fail even when properly maintained.