Tire Change Over

It's that time of year when millions of Canadians are putting their Winter Snow Tires on.  Whether they are mounted on rims are being installed on your rims,  your safety is our priority. 

It may seem like a simple task.  Changing over your wheels and tires each season should be taken seriously and performed with a professional process.   The risk is simply too great.  Far too often, wheels fall off shortly after a change over when a detailed process is not followed.  At Quick Lane Tire and Auto Centre in Orangeville, our technicians are fully licenced or they work under the supervision of licenced technicians after thorough training and hands on learning.

The critical procedure is called RIST

Remove Debris - This step is critical for a true flush seating between the wheel and the hub.  Failure to this step correctly can leave small bits of debris that will give the technician a false Torque Reading and ultimately lead to a rim coming off.  The surfaces are not the only areas to be cleaned.  The inside of Centre Bore and the insides of the actual Bolt holes shouls also be cleaned with specialty tools.

Inspect for damaged or lloose components.  With the wheel out of the way, this is the best time to make sure all components of the suspension, steering and braking systems are neither loose nor damaged.  Professional Technicians know exactly what to look for.

Snug the lugnuts in a Star Pattern.  The lug nuts should be brought to a snug but not completely tightened, follwong a Star or Cross Pattern.  Lug nuts should never be tightened side by side.  This ensures the wheel and hub are truly mated flush together.

Torque to Manufacturers specifications.  Each manufacturer produces the exact amount of torque that the lug nuts should be tightened to.  It is very important to not over or under tighten the lug nuts.  It is also important to use quality tools that are calibrated annually.  At Orangeville Quick Lane Tire and Auto Centre, we never use Torque Sticks and we insist on hand torquing each lug nut.  

We then ask you to return within 300 kilometers of driving so we can verify the lug nuts are holding correctly.  This step is no charge and only takes a few moments.

Following these steps rigorously will make sure that you never experience a Wheel coming off on the road.  Together with our State Of The Art Digital Tire Balancing Equipment, 3M Weight System and Tire Price Promise, Quick Lane Tire and Auto Centre should be your first choice for Snow or Summer Tire service and installation.