De-Icing Ontario Roads costs us all a lot of money

Road Salt is really expensive to us all

Road Salt

It likely will not surprise you that the steps we take to make our roads safer in colder weather comes at a steep price.   But just how much it costs all of us, may shock you.

Tire Change Over

It's that time of year when millions of Canadians are putting their Winter Snow Tires on.  Whether they are mounted on rims are being installed on your rims,  your safety is our priority. 

Stay Frosty with our $49.95 plus tax Air Condition performance inspection now on until July 31st, regularly priced at $119.95plus tax.

Our trusty climate control system works wonders on keeping you cool during the summer months in Orangeville.

But when it breaks, conditions quickly heat up and  stale air pours through your vents.

When this happens, our expert technicians recomend taking your car to a trusted service advisor at Quick Lane Tire and Auto Centre Orangeville , as any number of issues could be to blame.

 We should never assume warm air from the vents automatically means the system is low on refrigerant,

Come Visit Us

Need new tires, brake repair or a new battery in the Orangeville area?

Check out the Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centre in Orangeville located at 670 Riddell Road. 

Our factory-trained technicians specialize in Fords and Lincolns, but we service all makes and models.

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